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KZ Joldary

Screaming Alarm

Screaming Alarm

 Our Vision 

 Our Vision

At Kazakhstan-based game development company, our team of four talented individuals is driven by a passion for creating innovative and entertaining IT products. We are dedicated to utilizing technology to not only provide engaging and educational games for future generations, but also to tackle the world's pressing challenges such as the climate crisis and food shortages through ClimateTech and AgriTech solutions. Our commitment to excellence and passion for innovation extends to the creation of valuable apps for both medical and commercial use, as we strive to improve people's lives and make a positive impact on the world. With a strong vision and unwavering commitment, our dynamic team is poised to make a big impact in the gaming industry and beyond.

Meet Our Team

Kazakhstan-based game development company, a talented team of four, creating innovative and entertaining IT products with a strong vision.


Amirkhan Chalov

3D game design guru

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Game assets and database guru

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Myrzabek Alizhanov

C#/C++/Java game development guru

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Marat Turabayev

Operations and business processes guru

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